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Scholarship Recipients

The Jospeh B. Mulenga Memorial Teaching Scholarship Program was initiated in 2007 in preparation for the first term (January) of the 2008 school year. These students have been awarded 'full-ride' scholarships to teacher training college in Zambia, Africa. 

Here are some of the students that SEED has supported.


"I am a second and last born in the family of two. I studied my primary level of education from 2000 to 2007 under the care and sponsorship of my step father Mr. Mwape. I then proceeded my education to the secondary level under their sponsorship at Mupepeto secondary school from 2009 to 2013. I now went back to the village in Chitambo to live and help my old Grandmother to do farming. Since then I have been living with my Grandmother until 2022 January when I was privileged to be part of the SEED scholarship at Malcolm Moffat College of Education."




My childhood education I started school at Mabonde secondary in Chitambo district from grade 1-7, while there I participated in football and school choir. I was on honor roll and received a academic achievement award. Attending Mobonde school helped me to grow academically, in faith and as a person having high moral standards. In grade 8 and 9 I attended  Malwita School in Serenje.

In grade ten and twelve I attended Boma Secondary School and I participated in football and athletics. During my academic years at Boma I was sponsored by Margaret Mulenga from grade 10-12.


joyce chisenga

"One of the eraceable impacts that I would bring on students and community as a computer science teacher is to spearhead and advocate for quality education in rural areas. This will be initiated through imparting fundamental computer knowledge and skills to all learners irrespective of the disability, age, and family background. These skills will increase chances of learners to precisely adapt to the modern world of technology and enable them to compete favourably to the socio-economic development of our communities."


Innocent MkanDawire

"Being an agriculture science teacher, I will teach the young ones to having good morals and the community at large in order to maintain peace in society. Since many people will develop more interest thereby studying more agricultural related courses because Zambia rely very much on agriculture to feed the nation."


Elisha Kunda

"My motive to become a teacher is to facilitate and guide learners during the learning process, act as a role model and help in changing the mindset of students and the community members. Furthermore, my long term career is to become better in teaching mathematics.  My educational goal is to get a PhD in mathematics." 


Justin Mulenga

"When I competed school it became very difficult for me to go to college. Now last year having faith in God I applied to Malcolm Moffat Teachers Training College of which I was selected to be trained as a teacher in English and Braille. The day I went to see the selected names at the college that’s the day I saw the scholarship advert from SEED. I took this chance and opportunity to apply for scholarship and by Gods grace and favor I was selected to be sponsored by SEED. I also pray that one day I may be able as well to help those that are really in need."


Sunny Chisha


"I would like to conclude my statement by giving thanks to SEED for introducing this scholarship to this country. Indeed it would have been impossible for me to do study for a teachers primary diploma without this help. I really appreciate you very much, may the good God bless you. Thank you."


Felisters Kanta


"My mother started suffering from a long illness [and it] became difficult for me to continue my education but nevertheless I endured. In grade 12 term one my mother passed away. I finished grade 12 in 2010. Looking for sponsorship I applied to the Joseph B. Mulenga Memorial Teaching Scholarship and God has blessed, I’m adopted. I would like to appreciate SEED for the scholarship. I’m very thankful to have this great joy for you, SEED, to start supporting me at the college level.

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